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Kleine Boterhoek 4,

9980 Sint Laureins,

Belgium (East Flanders)


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For reservations call: +32 476541183

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To do’s and special events


Why not just take a walk. Nearby the sea our climate has a lot of sun. Enjoy the silence and rest of the countryside.

* * *

Bicycling with our tandem:

Discover the beautifully straight roads with no up’s and down’s.

* * *

Let the horses do the job:

What is you could focus on our splendid environment while the horses walk you around


* * *

Oh, it’s raining today ……

Visit the Canadian museum                                                                    The old train museum at Maldegem

The horse farm at Maldegem                                                                 Oh, the great feeling of our nearby wellness

Bruges, here we come ….                                                                       Gent, in less than 30 minutes ….

And a lot more to find at these links: